reinteractive Jun 2018

reinteractive Toolbox Talk

Hosted a toolbox through reinteractive on DIY Grids giving some guidelines on how to write your own grid layout rather then relying on a framework using CSS Grid and Flexbox.

What do you know event Jun 2018


Compared different graphing libraries including D3 and C3 then showing my own raw SVG graphs examples.

reinteractive May 2018

reinteractive Article

I wrote an article published by reinteractive on some tips to improve accessibility in a Ruby on Rails code base

CSS logo Mar 2018

CSS Conference 2018

Attended a conference on CSS, including leaning about CSS grid, font optimisation and animations.

Ruby logo Mar 2018

Ruby Conference 2018

Attended a two day Ruby conference learning about machine learning, techincial writing and how weird timezones are.

Sitepoint Feb 2018

Sitepoint Article

I updated my article published by SitePoint on colour accessiblity for the new version of Bootstrap.

reinteractive Jan 2018

reinteractive Article

I wrote an article published by reinteractive on front end frameworks and what to consider when starting a new project.

reinteractive webinars Nov 2017

Reinteractive Webinars

Hosted a webinar through Reinteractive on The 5 W's of Accessibility giving some guidelines on how to include accessibility in a web development project then going through a worked example.

Code on Github

Blog post on reinteractive

reinteractive Sep 2017

Reinteractive Blog

Hosted a toolbox talk through Reinteractive (which turned into a blog post) on Front End naming conventions going through the ITCSS and BEM naming conventions we use and why.

ruby conf Feb 2017

Ruby Conf

Attended a two day conference on Ruby learning about the future of Ruby. This included some introduction on how you can incorporate functional programming into a Ruby proect and some alternative platforms to Rails.

linux conf Jan 2017

Linux Conf

Gave two presentations on Mice and Maps as part of Linux mini conferences in Hobart. These focussed on how I built my Mouse Guard map app using open source software.

Code on Github

CSS conference Nov 2016

CSS and JS Conference

Attended a two day conference learning about the latest in CSS and JS technology and best practices. Including accessibility, virtual reality, mobile optimisation and security.

Rails for Zombies Oct 2016

Rails for Zombies

Completed a Rails tutorial series focusing on the Modal View Controller method and Rails databases.

GovHack Jul 2016


Attended a weekend hack-a-thon, our team built a project called Going Out Today?. It gathered data on local parks, the odea was to eventually get them displayed on a map with weather and ammenities.

Code on Github

a11y bytes July 2016

A11y Camp

Gave a presentation on Looking into the JAWS of accessibility focussing on screen reader compatability and tips.

rails girls May 2016

Rails Girls Next

Weekend full of tutorials on Test Driven Development in Ruby, Agile development and pair programming. With talks from Rails girls alumni.

Google Analytics Jan 2016

Google Analytics Course

Online course on Google Analytics Academy. Including marketing strategies, what to report and why. I then implemented this onto a company website which provide important data to the key stakeholders.

Be Responsive Nov 2015

Be Responsive Meet Up

Gave a presentation on Pop Up accessibility. A similar but slightly updated version of my talk at Code conference.

code June 2015

Web Directions Code

Was selected to speak at Web Directions code conference, my talk was Pop Up accessibility. A practical demonstration on how to make a web component accessible for people with disabilities, focussing on screen readers.

Page Up May 2015

Page Up Lunch and Learn

Lead an hour long tutorial with Q&A on accessibility. Page Up were looking to improve their internal systems for accessibility.

yow workshop May 2015

YOW Workshop

I won a workshop through YOW on how to present at a conference run by Damien Conway. This day long intensive workshop went through many tech presentation techniques and critiques.

code workshop April 2015

Web Directions Workshop

I won a workshop on how to present at a conference run by John Allsopp from Web Directions. Including specifics on how to display your information and present effectively. I was then asked to speak at a What do you know night, then later at a conference.

css conf March 2015

CSS Conference - Decompress

I was asked to speak as part of Decompress/CSS conference on an introduction to accessibility with a focus on front end, design and UI.

yow conf Dec 2014

YOW Conference

Attended YOW a 2 day technology conference. Say talks on topics such as HTTP2, agile development and machine learning.

Ruby Au Oct 2014

Ruby Or Rails Meet Up

Voulenteered to speak at Ruby or Rails Newbie night, I gave a lightning talk on how I got into programming.

Sitepoint Aug 2014

Sitepoint Article

I had an article published by SitePoint, a platform for professional web developers to share their knowledge. The article was on colour accessiblity and how common Bootstrap falls short.

REA Aug 2014

REA Brown Bag Talk

I was invited to to give an hour long tutorial with Q&A on accessibility.

clojure bridge Aug 2014

Clojure Tutorial

Completed a weekend tutorial learning Clojure, a functional programming language.

Code on Github

Plural Sight Aug 2014

Certificate of Achievement HTTP Fundamentals

Completed an online course with distinction average results through Plural Sight. It covered the fundamentals of HTTP including the client server model, headers, connections and cookies.

GovHack Jul 2014


Participated in and won awards with a weekend hackathon where we built a project called Eventable. Combining data from Vic events, City of Melbourne and adding in a crowd sourcing factor to add accessibility information to events happening.

Uni SA July 2014

Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility

Completed a course on web accessibility through the University of South Australia with a distinction average. Centered around how to audit a site for accessibility problems and how to fix them.

CSS MeetUp July 2014

CSS MeetUp

Gave an impromptu speech on colour accessibility with tips for designers and front end developers. Is still referenced by the community today.

Rails Camp May 2014

Rails Camp

Spent a weekend away hacking on things, playing games and going for nature walks at Rails camp in Brisbane. I worked on my Mouseguard site which I built after the role playing game with maps where you can add pin points and descriptions.

Code on Github

she hacks Mar 2014


A weekend as a hacker at the first ever women only hack-a-thon in Melbourne. Our team built Coffeehouse mentor, a platform for prospective mentors and mentees to meet.

Ruby Au Mar 2014

Ruby Or Rails Meet Up

Gave a presentation at a Ruby meetup with an introduction to Web Accessibility. With examples of how I learnt from and survived my first accessibility audit.

Perl Australia Dec 2013

Introduction to Perl

Week long course through Perl Australia learning the fundamentals of the Perl programming language and others in general. Going through and extending many programming examples and helping others with theirs.

rails girls Nov 2013

Rails Girls

Weekend long tutorial through Rails girls about the fundamentals of the Ruby programming language and on how to then launch a Ruby on Rails application.

Code on Github

Ruby Au Nov 2013

Ruby Or Rails Meet Up

After going to a couple of tech meet ups it became apparent that even if someone knew the technology that didn't mean they knew how to present it. So in the interest of learning more I put my education degree to use and gave a talk on How to present a Tech Topic.

Rails Camp Nov 2013

Rails Camp

Shortly after a Rails Installfest I attended a weekend away in Rails Camp Sydney. I adapted the tutorial material given from a blog into a single page To Do application.

reinteractive Oct 2013

Rails installfest

Completed a Rails installfest hosted by reinteractive where I installed Ruby and Rails and made a blog app like through heroku.

Johns Hopkins University Oct 2013

Computing for Data Analysis

Completed a statistics and R programming language course through Coursera and Johns Hopkins University.

aws conf Sep 2013

AWS Conference

Went to a full day conference on Amazon Web Services, learning about servers, load balancing and buckets. Later I logged on to an account and did some practice exercises setting up EC2 instances and granting permissions.

Treehouse Jul 2013


Self directed course of front end programming fundamentals through Treehouse. Going through HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as the command line and design theory.

Code on Github

GovHack Jun 2013


Attended my first weekend hack-a-thon, our team built a project called Hansard Hack which ended up winning a prize. It analysed Hansard data and showed them in neat graphics using the D3 library.